Forthcoming events

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 19.

Fact-finding Weekend in York

Following on from last year’s very successful trip to Groningen in the Netherlands, we are now planning a fact-finding visit to what some people describe as Britain’s premier cycling city – York.

York is a similar city to Cambridge in many respects and it will be very interesting to see how it compares as a place to cycle. We will be keen to discover whether York’s reputation as a cycle-friendly city is deserved, and whether it offers any lessons that we can take home and use in our campaigning in Cambridge.

The weekend of 23-25 October has been provisionally chosen for the trip. Nothing is definite yet but we will probably travel up by train on the Friday night and stay two nights in a modest hotel. We hope to spend Saturday exploring the city on bikes with the help of local cycle campaigners and on the Sunday there might be time to go for a ride in the countryside before returning home to Cambridge.

Everybody is welcome to join us. We hope it will be a lot of fun. If you are interested in coming along (there’s no need to commit yourself at this stage) then please contact Clare or Nigel.

Nigel Deakin

D.TEK trip

Regular readers will have noticed a specialist cycle dealership called D.TEK being mentioned in various contexts. They are based in Little Thetford, which is near Ely (and not to be confused with Thetford, near Brandon) and specialise in unusual human-powered vehicles of all manner of shape and size, including recumbents, child trailers, load-carrying trailers and wheelchair bikes.

A number of you have mentioned an interest in trying out some of these, so we’re planning to run a Campaign trip one weekday evening at the start of September. We’ll put our bikes on the train to Ely, then cycle two miles to Little Thetford. There may be a small charge for the evening, in addition to the train fare.

Places are limited, and will be allocated on a strictly first come, first served basis, so get in touch with me soon to book your place.

Stop Press: We’ll be going on Wednesday 9 September, and the cost will be £5, which D.Tek will donate to Campaign funds.

Clare Macrae

Strategy Day

It’s now three years since a group of about 15 Cambridge cyclists launched Cambridge Cycling Campaign. In that time, we have grown to over 500 members. We continually receive compliments on our professionalism, and on the high quality of our reports, publications and other work.

However, the period following National Bike Week is always one of reflection (exhaustion?) and this year we’re stepping further back, for a complete review of the way we work, and how best we can fulfil our aims and objectives.

Like any voluntary organisation, we depend entirely on volunteers, working in our spare time. We will be looking at how best to use that time, and deciding what our highest priorities should be. This will all take place at a Strategy Day, on Saturday 12 September, and in preparation, I will be collating suggestions. We already have the database of comments from application forms. But if you have any ideas to improve life for cyclists locally, however unusual or ambitious, now is the time to let us know.


We will report the consensus from the Strategy Day to the AGM, which this year is on Tuesday 6 October.

Some advance notice for the elections at the AGM: David Earl has decided to step down as Press Officer (although he plans to stand again as Liaison Officer and Membership Secretary).

We are very keen to hear from you if you think you might be able to help with this role. The post mainly involves writing Press Releases for the Campaign. Ideally, you should have e-mail access and the facility to send faxes. David is keen to stress that he will be around to help – but just doesn’t have enough time for the job any more.

We would like to arrange a keynote speaker at the AGM. Any ideas?

Clare Macrae