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This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 19.

  • The Travel for Work scheme (incorporating Cycle Friendly Employers) continues to go from strength to strength. The scheme has recently received a boost in the form of a substantial grant from a national charitable organisation. As a result, a second job of ‘Cycle Friendly Employers Co-ordinator’ is being created. This part-time post will place much greater emphasis on the Cycle Friendly Employers Scheme. If you are interested, contact either David Earl or myself. The closing date for applications is 5 August 1998, and interviews will be held on 9 September, so you will need to act quickly.
  • Coleridge Community College will be running Bicycle Maintenance Classes this Autumn. This hands-on course will cover fixing punctures, adjusting brakes, wheels and hubs, gears, bearings, and cleaning and lubricating chains. The course is on Tuesday evenings, from 7:15 to 9:15 pm starting 22 September. For more information, call 712340 or 712341.
  • Central Trains has begun a major consultation exercise with cyclists. The 1998 ‘Cycling by Train’ Leaflet includes a tick-box survey on cycle usage. We plan to reply on behalf of the Campaign, but if you are interested, do get in touch with Central Trains Customer Relations directly on 0121 654 3833 for your own copy. Full marks to Central Trains for encouraging dialogue. (Central Trains routes from Cambridge include Liverpool Lime Street, Peterborough, Ely, Worcester and Stansted.)
  • Cambridgeshire County Council is about to embark on a major new study of Origins and Destinations of business journeys in the County. By using a quarterly questionnaire, it should be possible to separate seasonal trends from genuine shifts in behaviour. As Jim Chisholm remarked in Newsletter 18, there’s a great need for this data. Hopefully, we’ll see cyclists better represented in the computerised Cambridge Traffic Model as a result.
  • Chris’s Bikes have started a twice-weekly bike repair service for cyclists at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, on Monday and Wednesday mornings, between 8 am – 1 pm. Look out for the white van in the Consultants’ car park, outside the main entrance. For information, call Chris Lloyd on 276004.
  • This year’s ‘Annual Historic Churches Trust Bike Ride’ is on Saturday 12 September. Riders are sponsored by the number of churches visited, with most churches open, and many providing a welcoming drink and biscuit. Proceeds are divided between the Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust, and a church of the rider’s choice. For more information in Cambridgeshire, contact David Harrison on 290388, or Rob Walker on 234150.
  • I read the Cambridge Evening News reports that ‘Cambridge Trishaws’ were leaving the City with considerable sadness. I find it very hard to square the minutes of City Council sub-committees, instructing officers to reduce the restrictions upon Simon Lane’s business, with what has happened. I feel Cambridge is poorer for the disappearance of this most sustainable of modes of transport.
  • Not cycle-related, but worth a mention, since I feel that a healthier bus system can only benefit cyclists by reducing car traffic… Stagecoach Cambus have recently introduced a new ticket scheme, called the MegaRider. One ticket is valid for 7 days, for an unlimited number of journeys on all Stagecoach Cambus services within the area. I’ve noticed a big reduction in journey times from Arbury to the City Centre, as many people already have a ticket now when they board the bus. For more information, call Stagecoach Cambus’ Information Line on 423554.
  • Overheard whilst locking my bike up outside a reputable Cambridge cycle shop recently – one which sells bright yellow frames named after world-famous cyclist Greg Lemond – ‘Here, John, that Lemon looks like a nice machine.’
  • Can you help us keep members up to date? If you spot any cycle-related news, please tell us about it!

Clare Macrae