Reporting potholes

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 19.

One of the questions that crops up in the Open Forum at our Monthly Meetings is ‘How do I report potholes?’. We can now supply a definitive answer.

Page 45 of ‘The A-Z of Council Services in Cambridgeshire, Third Edition, 1998’ states: ‘Road Maintenance: Road Repairs, resurfacing, potholes, cutting of roadside verges and grassed areas within villages, snow clearance, gritting and salting, skip permits, roadside drains. Maintenance of road markings, signs, pavements, cycleways, bollards, road crossings, dropped kerbs, on-street car parking.’

  • Cambridge City Council Highways Department phone 457000.
  • Outside Cambridge City, in the area just to the North phone (01353) 667826
  • Outside Cambridge City, in the area just to the South phone 833717

This very useful publication was delivered with free newspapers earlier this year, and is also available on the World Wide Web.

Council engineers stress that they largely depend upon reports from the public to know when things need fixing. So next time you notice a problem, note as much detail as possible about the location, and phone it in. If you have time, let us know how you get on. (So far, on a sample of one, I have been impressed at the speed of response.)

Clare Macrae