National News

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 19.

  • Something a little unusual: Phillips, the auctioneers, are holding a sale of cycles and cycling memorabilia, on Saturday 15 August in Gateshead. For details, call 0191 477 6688 or see photos of what’s on sale on the web at
  • I’ve just returned from a visit to my old student stomping ground – Oxford – and was pleasantly surprised at the huge increase in cycle parking. The central area of the City has systematically had blocks of Sheffield racks (quaintly known as toast racks) inserted. Full marks to the local council for not being afraid to remove a few parking spaces. We would love to see an area like North Romsey given similar treatment. An experiment could start with one or two streets, and move outwards.
  • The CTC, London Cycling Campaign and the Welsh Cycling Union are in talks about a possible merger. They claim that the resultant organisation would create the biggest single voice for cyclists in the world. We believe it would also leave us as the largest local group in England!

Clare Macrae