Cycle parking at the station

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 18.

I mentioned last issue that we were about to meet staff at WAGN to discuss cycle parking at Cambridge station, and Dave Earl and I met Tom Joyner of WAGN. We heard a little about WAGN’s three-person Bicycle Working Group, and about plans to install Sheffield racks at quite a few local stations, including extras at Cambridge.

We have since been told to expect a very healthy number of much-needed new racks at Cambridge. Unfortunately I can’t quote exact numbers, but I believe they will be installed in the very near future.

In the meantime, we did a quick survey to compare the number of car and bike spaces available. I’ve read many times that it’s possible to fit roughly eight bikes into the space occupied by a single car, but I had never really understood the significance of that statement until I saw these figures.

Cars Cycles
Main area 190 Main area 220
Near station 130 Nearer city 136
Beyond bike bridge 34
Behind Guide Friday 73
Total cars 427 Total bikes 356

Of course, there were many more bikes in unofficial areas. Cyclists who have tried to park at Cambridge station will be aware of the huge area given over to the private motor car, compared to that for cycle parking. This really does highlight the ease with which parking problems can be solved, simply by increasing the amount of cycle parking, thereby encouraging more journeys by bike.

I very much look forward to seeing extra parking in the near future – and hope that we can work with WAGN towards further improvements for cyclists.

Clare Macrae