Three New Magazines

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 18.


ByCycle is aimed at committed cyclists – and it hits that target very effectively. This magazine is packed with news and views about cycling in the UK.

Well worth a read – and you can get a subscription flyer from the Cycling Campaign Saturday stall. The pre-publication offer has been extended unti lthe end of June for Cycling Campaign members.

64 pages, £14.95 for 6 issues; subs phone 01482 880399

On Your Bike

On Your Bike, in contrast to ByCycle, is aimed squarely at ‘NEW and BORN AGAIN cyclists’. It’s jargon-free, and it doesn’t assume you have to be covered in Lycra to be worth talking to.

It’s packed with hints and tips for people thinking about getting out on a bike, shattering many myths. But there’s a lot more to this magazine that will interest regular cyclists too.

If you know someone who’s thinking of starting cycling, I strongly recommend you get them a copy. In fact, because it’s such a useful source of info, we’ve bought some copies to sell on the Campaign market stall, so look out for it there!

160 pages, £2.75; phone 0191 213 2058

Recumbent UK

Recumbent UK is the most specialised of the three, all about – well – recumbents – which the On Your Bike Glossary defines as ‘human-powered-vehicles where you sit reclining in a “bucket” seat’. I knew that – but I had no idea there was such a variety. It is co-edited by local cyclist Richard Loke, and we hope to be hearing more about recumbents from Richard in a future issue of this newsletter, as there definitely seems to be a bit of a caucus of Campaign members with recumbents. I found my copy of Recumbent UK in Ben Hayward’s. I believe they are the only Cambridge stockists at the moment.

54 pages, £2.50; phone 01454 613497

Clare Macrae