Quy interchange

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 17.

In the first week of March we had a letter asking us what we thought about proposals to take the left lane of the slip road from the A14 straight into Newmarket Road at Quy, effectively bypassing the roundabout. But before we had had a chance to reply to the letter, in the third week of March, the work was done. In any case the plan supplied was too small for us to see that there was a little cycle lane (only about 0.5 m wide) on the roundabout. This ends in a Give Way for cyclists, where we are intended to cross both the new lane of continuous fast-moving traffic and the ordinary lane on the slip road.

We took this picture, looking towards Cambridge, before line-painting was complete. We drew in the extra lines.
Image as described adjacent

We felt this was outrageously hazardous for cyclists, for those coming from Bottisham would find themselves in Newmarket Road between two lanes of very fast moving and accelerating traffic, or stranded.

Many cyclists would use the tunnel under the A14 by the Quy Mill Hotel instead, but this does involve two right turns across traffic and ends up on a wholly inadequate shared-use pavement. Fiddly layouts on the pavement and around the roundabout wouldn’t help here, because the kind of cyclist who would use the roundabout rather than the tunnel just won’t use them.

As soon as we learned that work was proceeding, we had a flurry of phone calls with the engineers responsible. They would not take the scheme out immediately. It must come out, though. In the meantime, we must have careful monitoring, on-site meetings with the engineers and, in the longer term, better access to the tunnel.

Looking towards Quy; this cyclist did not use the lane
Image as described adjacent

David Earl