Ideas for National Bike Week 1998 (6-14 June)

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 16.

Have you got any ideas on how we could promote cycling in Cambridge and celebrate the bicycle during National Bike Week ’98?

Photo of Dr Bike 1997 (16k)
Dr Bike in last year’s National Bike Week

Cambridge Cycling Campaign was launched in NBW ’95 and has held a packed series of events each year since then. In 1996 the free Cyclists’ Breakfast at Hobbs Pavilion on Parker’s Piece, and the Dr Bike day were established. These events have become fixtures in NBW, but have been complemented with many others including public meetings, treasure hunts, film shows, the Parade of Fancy Bikes and the Golden Bell Awards.

In addition, we have held publicity events to get us noticed. So far these have been campaigns of signs erected around the city – in 1996 advertising the expediency of commuting by bike and last year raising awareness of the growing number of potholes along our cycle routes. Each year we’ve made the front page of the local newspaper, with colour photographs of our signs, and have had radio interviews and television news reports.

The time is now ripe to start planning this year’s events. We’re again anxious to get publicity, but maybe not by using signs. We’re probably going to re-run the Breakfast and Dr Bike. But what else shall we do? Now is the time to start throwing new ideas around and the best source of new ideas is you. There are several areas to consider: publicity, winning new members, pressing the argument for better cycling provision, helping cyclists, debating safety and having fun.

The organisation of the events is done by holding informal meetings at monthly intervals until June. The first one will discuss ideas for events and will be held at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 11 February 1998 at 100 Thoday St (phone 773699). Please do come along if you want to get involved in the planning process, or have any suggestions as to how the week should be organised. If you can’t come, please send suggestions to the usual Campaign addresses.

Simon Nuttall