Cycle-Parking Subgroup

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 16.

The Cycle-Parking Subgroup met again in late December. None of the suggestions that we made back in August 1996 (following a specific County Council request, made in the Cambridge Evening News) have been implemented, so there is no point in us making any more detailed suggestions just now. Instead, we’ve decided to concentrate on specific issues.

Firstly, there’s the abysmal lack of cycle parking at Cambridge Station (for which West Anglia Great Northern won a Chocolate Chain Award in last year’s National Bike Week). Not too long ago, WAGN responded to a lack of car-parking spaces very quickly, by opening an additional car-park. Regular users of the station will certainly understand Anne Campbell MP’s recent statement that she has been discouraged from travelling by train, because of the difficulty in parking a bike there. We’ve got some ideas for improvement, which we’ll be taking to WAGN directly.

Photo of Cycle Parking at Staples, Cambridge (18k)
Cycle racks beside Staples at Mitcham’s Corner are so badly designed that no-one uses them as intended. They are a variation on an already second-rate V-grip design.

Secondly, we’re planning a campaign to encourage large shops to provide better cycle parking. The first step will be to survey a range of premises. If you can spare us an hour or two for this, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch. And if you have any candidates to recommend – shops with particularly good or bad parking – let us know, so we can be sure to include them in the survey.

Clare Macrae