From the editor

Sorry about the quality of the pictures in some copies of the last newsletter. Photocopying clearly isn’t up to the job – though it is the most economical way – so this time we’re trying a new process. It costs a little more, but should dramatically improve the print quality. For aficionados, the newsletter is now produced almost completely electronically: the pictures were mostly originated on a Kodak DC210 digital camera, the stories collected by electronic mail and put together in a page make up program, and the final page descriptions sent across the Internet to the printers, who are using a very high speed laser press, a Xerox Docutech 135. The printed results still have to be delivered, though!

This is my sixth Newsletter, completing one year’s Campaign news. I started with every intention of editing just one issue, and put a tremendous amount of work into it, sure that I wouldn’t do it again. It has been an interesting year, and still takes as much effort. Thanks to everyone who has made it possible, especially Debby, Dave and Clare.

Mark Irving