Annual General Meeting

This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 15.

Our Second AGM took place on 7 October.

All the elected officers reported on activities throughout the year.

We also had displays of photos of Groningen, and of newspaper cuttings from throughout the year.

There was a lot of interest in Nigel’s report on our trip to the Netherlands so as you’ll see elsewhere in this issue, the AGM decided to devote the December meeting to making sure that we can make the most of what can be learned from the trip.

Membership Campaign

Cambridge Cycling Campaign now has nearly 400 members! Impressive though that is, we decided at the AGM to have a target for growth for the coming year. We want to be able to tell next year’s AGM that we have 500 members. I think it’ll be a challenge, but one which is definitely achievable.

Elected Officers

All the posts were filled, including the new one of ‘Officer without Portfolio’, which has been created to help with all the letter-writing that takes place on the Campaign’s behalf.

Clare Macrae
Home: phone 501050 (before 8:30 pm)
Work: phone 336024

[Photo of Clare (6k)]

Liaison Officer:
Dave Earl
phone 690718

[Photo of Dave (5k)]

Newsletter Editor:
Mark Irving
phone 882378

[Photo of Mark (6k)]

Officer without Portfolio:
Nigel Deakin
phone 311073

[Photo of Nigel (5k)]

Stall Officer:
Paula Watson
phone 323057

Photo of Paula (2863bytes)]

Simon Nuttall
phone 773699

[Photo of Simon (6k)]

Press Officer:
Dave Earl – See above

Membership Secretary:
Dave Earl See above

And finally

Campaign Members are welcome to contact me for copies of the minutes. In particular, my apologies go to those who were at the AGM and have not received the minutes. The sheet of address labels went astray at the end of the meeting – please do give me a call if you were there, and I’ll send you a copy post-haste.