Meeting with Councillor Stenner

This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 15.

The County Council Environment and Transport Committee meeting to decide the fate of the Royal Cambridge Hotel junction took place on Thursday 23 October. As we’ve reported in previous newsletters, the chairperson of that committee is Councillor Alec Stenner, a Conservative representing Buckden.

[Cllr Stenner (1743bytes)] We proposed a meeting with Councillor Stenner, to try to understand his point of view, and of course, to give him any information that might help ensure that much needed work on that junction would take place. So on Monday 20 October, Dave Earl, Richard Taylor (Cycling Co-ordinator from the Engineering Department) and I went to Shire Hall, to meet Councillor Stenner. I’m happy to say that the meeting was very amicable. We had the impression that the decision was not yet made, and we had the chance to express our points of view.

Sadly, as you’ll read elsewhere in this issue, the decision didn’t go in our favour, but we felt that it was extremely valuable to have made contact, especially as so many decisions of great import to Cambridge cyclists will be made by this committee over the next few years.