This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 14.

Bus Aggro

Dear Editor,

I wonder if other members of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign have occasional very worrying encounters with buses?

On 11 September I was ‘pushed’ up Station Road by a Guide Friday bus. When I signalled to him that he was too close, he overtook very close and abused me through the open door as he did so. Thankfully, most car drivers and the majority of bus drivers are considerate and do not take risks with cyclists’ lives. Unfortunately there are a few who think nothing of scaring the living daylights out of us.

As a bus passenger I often see Cambus drivers ‘pushing’ cyclists on the approach to bus stops, an activity which saves virtually no time and puts the cyclist at serious risk. We could press for more cycle lanes in problem areas, but this would be a bit like putting sticking-plaster on a broken leg! Is there some way we could open a dialogue with the bus operators about this?

David Clarke, Cherry Hinton

That Petition

Cambs County Council Logo (4370bytes) Dear David

Re: Cambridge Cycling Petition

I apologise for not having written sooner in acknowledgement of the petition which you presented to the Environment and Transport Committee on 12 June 1997.

The petition was discussed at a meeting of the spokesmen from the three political groups on 20 June 1997. I was asked to convey their thanks for taking the time to draw the Committee’s attention to the support for enhanced cycling provision, and how this could achieve a reduction in car traffic.

While we cannot progress schemes as fast as we would like with the funds available to us, we are committed to enhancing, where possible, facilities for non-car users. However you will know that many people feel quite strongly about measures which impact on car users, and it is essential that we retain the support of the whole community in progressing the aims which we share. It is a delicate path we tread, and change does have to be incremental.

We look forward to your continuing support and advice on the measures which will make the best use of the funds we have available for enhancing cycling provision in the City. We hope, in addition that you will work with us in advocating the move away from car use, thereby maximising the effectiveness of both our efforts.

Yours sincerely
Brian Smith
Director, Environment & Transport