Discount Bike Shops

This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 14.

At our September meeting we talked about the list of bike shops giving discounts to Campaign members. Most of these have been offering a discount since we launched the Campaign just over two years ago. A few have been approached by regular customers who are Campaign members themselves.

We’d like to thank these shops for supporting the Campaign in offering this discount. It’s a very tangible benefit of membership.

If you have a favourite local bike shop, and think they should be added to the list, feel free to get in touch with me to check whether they’ve been approached already. I can also supply back issues of the newsletter to shops who want to know more about the Campaign.

Clare Macrae

Discounts are available for members at

Ben Hayward Cycles
69, Trumpington Street
phone 352294
Ben Hayward Cycles
Laundress Lane
phone 301118
Bishop’s Cycles
51 Station Road
phone 518855
171 Mill Road
phone 576545
Geoff’s Bike Hire
65, Devonshire Road
phone 365629
Howes Cycles
104, Regent Street
phone 350350
Kingsway Cycles
8 City Road
phone 355852
King Street Cycles
82 King Street
phone 67275
Mike’s Bikes
26-28 Mill Road
phone 312591
University Cycles
9 Victoria Avenue
phone 355517