This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 14.

I’ve found (at last!) a good solution to the problem of getting insects and dust in my eyes while cycling. I’d tried sunglasses, but they didn’t seem to help and in desperation (during the greenfly season) I tried a product called a Visor. It comes with an elasticated band that fits round your helmet and the Visor then clips on to that and can be hinged up off the face, or down into the normal position when required. Anyway, because it covers the whole eye area, I’ve found that I have not had any problems since I bought it (around June) which is extra good because I also wear contact lenses. The Visor can be worn over conventional glasses or sunglasses too, and a ‘smoke’ lens is also available for a sunglasses effect. It’s quite expensive (over £20), but I’ve found it excellent to use.

Clare Ellis