Cycling Guide

This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 14.

Readers of the Cambridge Evening News will have discovered the ‘Cambridge Cycling Guide’ advertising feature in the paper on 11 August, including two pages packed with information written by our very own Dave Earl. We were invited to contribute some text, and Dave beavered away to produce a series of articles, at very short notice.

Overall, I feel that the Guide was a very worthwhile production. There is a lot of useful information, and I see the very fact that the Evening News is willing to produce the guide as a positive step. They’ve been well distributed around the City too: I’ve noticed them on information stands in supermarkets and shops around town.

We would have liked a chance to proof-read the final product, however. For example, on Page 9 there’s the outrageous (unattributed) statement that ‘Cambridge is different because the provision of cycleways is altogether far better organised than probably any other city in Europe outside Amsterdam.’ As my Dutch colleague Marcel says, ‘but Amsterdam isn’t even the best in the Netherlands!’

The same article states that ‘Five per cent of all accidents that occur are due to human error.’ We’re sure that’s wrong.

Enormous thanks to Dave, and all our members who helped him with writing and checking the Campaign’s contribution.

The Cambridge Evening News has kindly given us 1,000 copies – and we’re handing them out on our stall in the Market Square every Saturday. As not all the material we supplied was used, we might consider taking some more time and producing our own guide some time in the future.

Clare Macrae