From the Chair

This article was published in 2018, in Newsletter 139.

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As a campaigning organisation we are typically in a state of complaint. This cycleway isn’t wide enough, it goes the long way around when just a little thought could have made it go directly, and why can’t we make it easy for children to cycle to schools? Even though all of these are worthy and valuable campaigning issues, and there are plenty more issues to campaign on, I sometimes think that we also need to celebrate.

We need to celebrate when proposals are good and even excellent. The greenways projects have some excellent proposals, for example completely segregating people walking and cycling from high speed non-signalling distracted drivers entering and leaving motorways. We should also celebrate the unsung heroes of cycling, who have realised that the best way to deliver stuff is to use a cargo bike.

To really celebrate cycling, we are going to instigate the very first Cambridge Festival of Cycling (see article). A month-long set of activities, films, events, rides, and fun. How we will fit them all into the month I’m not sure, but we will make it happen in September. We do need volunteers to help, even if it is just for an hour to help make an event really work or for a whole day to help prepare for these events. If you are a member, or not yet a member, and you think you can help then please do get in contact.

We have some big plans, and some exciting months ahead. Perhaps it is the sunny weather, but I’m feeling great about the future of cycling in Cambridge.

Robin Heydon