The Cambike sensor project

This article was published in 2018, in Newsletter 139.

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The students of the University of Cambridge’s PhD programme in Sensor Technologies have embarked on their team challenge, which is to develop ‘a cyclist’s mobile sensor hub for big data citizen science’.

The project aim is to design sensors that can fit on to a bike to measure the air quality, cycle traffic, and road surface quality as experienced by the cyclist. By encouraging Cambridge residents to assemble and use the easy-to-build sensors, and to access the analysed data, this project will bring the world of science closer to the community and promote engagement with issues relating to the quality of the local environment.

We are looking for volunteers to contribute to the project by using the sensors and therefore helping to collect data. A number of workshops are planned from late July onwards, in collaboration with Makespace ( For more information, visit our website, or subscribe to our weekly newsletter there.

Francesca van Tartwijk

Image as described adjacentThe Department of Computer Science and Technology, partner of the Smart Cambridge Programme, has also been offering support to the project by co-designing the communication aspects of the sensor. The Smart Cambridge Programme provides the low-power, long-range wireless network that allows Cambike sensors to transmit data from anywhere in the city. For more details see:

Dr Andrés Arcia-Moret