Off road from Hauxton to Trumpington

This article was published in 2018, in Newsletter 138.

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I was recently in Hauxton and turned off the A10 opposite the Mill to take the fairly new Trumpington Meadows cycle route through what used to be the Plant Breeding Institute site, crossing the M11 on an almost traffic-free bridge just north of the Trumpington intersection. So far so familiar, but then I came upon a junction left into the Trumpington Meadows Country Park, a featureless expanse of new grass that seems intended largely for dog-walking. Nevertheless, there is a decent cycle route right through it which comes out at the Byron’s Pool turning on the Trumpington-Grantchester road. From here it’s a short ride either left to the Grantchester Meadows route, or right to Trumpington High Street.

The route is unsigned, and there’s a bit of a wiggle around a new pond (with bird-watching platform) in the middle, but essentially it means that it is now possible to ride off-road virtually all the way from the Mill Pond in Newnham to Hauxton, and on beside the A10 to Melbourn – and from Hauxton there’s also a permissive bridleway (with a slightly rougher surface) to Shelford and then the Genome Path back to town.

One interesting point is that this at last provides an alternative to the Cantelupe Farm route from Grantchester to Haslingfield, to which the landowners have always tried to restrict access by cyclists.

Tim Burford