Reach Fair Ride 2018: now with Dr Bike!

This article was published in 2018, in Newsletter 137.

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Preparations for the 12th annual Reach Ride are under way. You will see from the front cover of this newsletter that we have eye-catching new artwork to advertise the event. Soon Outspoken couriers and our volunteers will be distributing these posters and leaflets. Last year we counted approximately 800 people cycling with us. This year we hope to encourage at least that many people to join the ride and to make this a great celebration of the cycling culture of Cambridge.

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We are pleased that this year the grant we received from the city council included funding for a Dr Bike service which will be provided by Outspoken. Cycle mechanics will be on hand before and during the event to make sure our cycles are roadworthy and in working order. If any problems are encountered along the way they will be there to lend assistance. So if you were one of the unfortunate people who experienced a breakdown last year, fear not, help will be on hand!

However, please do still check your tyres, brakes and gears before you come on the ride: remember that properly pumped-up tyres are less likely to get punctures. We try to minimise this risk even further by carrying out a ‘recce ride’: every year on the Saturday before the ride a group of Camcycle volunteers rides the whole route there and back to check for debris, glass and objects on the cycle paths that could cause tyres to puncture. Overgrown vegetation is also cut back and signs are put up to mark the route. This reconnaissance ride leaves the Guildhall at 10am on Saturday 5 May, so if you wish to help please join us there.

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We hope that the wonderful cake stall provided by some of the Bottisham villagers will be there this year. Last year it was a lovely surprise to see it on the village green, providing home-made cakes which were very welcome at the halfway point. However, we didn’t manage to find out whose great idea this was or who organised it, and we are keen to contact them to see if they are planning this again this year, so if anyone knows please get in touch! We will be joined again by Ely Cycling Campaign who will lead a group from the alternative starting-point at the Jubilee Gardens at 10am. Last year several riders completed a ’round trip’ to increase mileage.

We also encourage friends or colleagues to come together in groups and advertise their own local ‘alternative starts’ from other locations, joining the main ride along the way. If you wish to organise one please contact us and we will put the start time and place on our website and promote it via Twitter and Facebook. So keep an eye on social media and we will see you on the day!

Willa McDonald

Last Year’s Adventures!
Photos by Sarah Rodger
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