e-Luminate: a shining success!

This article was published in 2018, in Newsletter 137.

Photos by Lucinda Price
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We helped open this year’s e-Luminate festival with a cycle parade. We weren’t sure how many people to expect and we were pleasantly surprised to find around 50 people who came out to ride with an amazing array of lights and colours, despite the cold weather.

The Mayor of Cambridge, Councillor George Pippas, gave his speech and turned on the festival lights, and off we went with bells ringing and people waving from the sidelines. The riders included families with children in their box bikes holding fairy lights. Some folks had their wheels decorated with string lights, while others wrapped them around the frame. At least one woman had light-up flowers attached to her helmet. I saw a triple tandem cycle with two children cheerfully backing up their mother and another tandem with a father and son duo plus a baby seat too. Everyone was smiling and glowing.

We made two loops around the city centre and stopped for photos in front of King’s College, where Mayor Pippas came over and posed with us. After that people started heading off for warm homes or pubs. For a cold February night it was a great success and we hope this becomes an annual tradition.

Matthew Danish

Richard Taylor filmed the ride: youtu.be/U8tpm5RMlU4