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This article was published in 2018, in Newsletter 136.

Planning Applications

S/2403/17/FL Office building opposite Cambridge North station.

We submitted an objection and testified at the Joint Development Control Committee in November that the original building design would create a hazard for people walking and cycling. They agreed and voted to refuse the application. Since then, the applicants have substantially revised their work and have submitted a greatly improved version with a safe and separate footway between the building and the cycleway.

Cyclescape 3342

17/1799/FUL Cavendish Laboratory

Campaign efforts by West Cambridge Active Travel, with help from Camcycle, have helped convince Cambridge University planners to add a protected cycleway beside JJ Thomson Avenue. It will be bidirectional and 3.5m wide between Madingley Road and the Maxwell Centre, with detailed design to be worked out through conditions.

Cyclescape 3637

17/1272/FUL Behind 300 Coldhams Ln

We objected to some missing cycle parking (now fixed) and the loss of footway priority on Coldhams Lane where a new driveway interrupts it. Their design gives motorists priority in defiance of Local Plan policies 8/4 and 8/11. We spoke at planning committee to seek a better design for the driveway but approval was granted despite councillors agreeing with concerns about the driveway.

Cyclescape 3440

17/1709/FUL Lovell Lodge

The application acknowledged the shared-use path in front of the site at 365 Milton Road and committed to some additional visibility splay for their driveway. We added neutral comments that the path would become much busier in the future with the upcoming Milton Road scheme and requested a greater visibility splay. Further, we noted that the cycle parking gate is on Lovell Road but that it does not have any access ramp from the street. We asked for a small dropped kerb to make the cycle parking area convenient to access as required by Local Plan Appendix D. Application was approved with these concerns noted.

Cyclescape 3611


Abbey-Chesterton Bridge

A Local Liaison Forum was held on 10 January to provide a status update. Preparations and a review of detailed design are underway. They would like to begin works in the early spring, continuing through the summer, with final bridge assembly happening in late autumn.

Cyclescape 2663

NCN 51 and route to Reach Fair

Highway works on the A1303 may affect the path used by the Reach Ride between Quy and Bottisham. We are concerned that the path may be blocked during the bank holiday weekend. We have made enquiries with county officials and are following up to be sure that things are sorted out in advance.

Cyclescape 3213

Hills Road/Long Road junction

Members have reported trouble cycling southbound at the new Hills Road / Long Road junction where queuing cars block the cycle lane approaching the advance stop line. We are gathering information that can be included in a short report with recommendations for improvement.

Cyclescape 1298

Milton and Histon Roads updates

The Milton Road report will be delayed until the summer, while the Histon Road report will move up to the March Assembly and Board meetings. On Milton Road they are studying uni-directional protected cycleways with priority on both sides of the road, in addition to a shared-use pavement on the school side. At Elizabeth Way there will be a signalised, protected, single-stage crossing. Histon Road will mainly have ‘hybrid’ cycle lanes like those on Huntingdon Road, owing to limited space, but at Gilbert Road they plan protected lanes through the junction. Some of our ideas for improving the Victoria Road junction, including a protected inbound lane, will also be added. Further up the road, the bus lanes have been scaled back somewhat in order to avoid compulsory purchase orders and to save some of the trees.

Cyclescape 2662

Highworth Ave/Leys Road cycle route under attack

Councillors on the North Area Committee have submitted a proposal for environmental improvement to this route `including the introduction of measures to discourage use by motorcycles.’ Unfortunately, physical barriers to try and prevent motorbike use would also impede legitimate use by people on mobility scooters or cycling, especially on cycles adapted for disability or cargo. When asked at committee to rule out the use of physical barriers, councillors refused to do so. A petition to save the cycle route from barriers is at

Cyclescape 3621

Inclusive cycling on quiet routes with Local Highways Improvements

We made a proposal to remove several existing chicanes and ‘pram arms’ on cycle routes in Arbury and King’s Hedges, in favour of more inclusive access controls. The bid has been submitted and presented at the 22 January committee hearing on Local Highways Improvements. It is currently under consideration for funding.

Cyclescape 2961

DfT Accessibility Action Plan

We responded to this consultation on their new document and set of questions intended to inform government policy and guidance for creating accessible transport infrastructure. We emphasised the importance of design for inclusive facilities that welcome all people of all abilities who want to cycle or walk.

Cyclescape 3622

Matthew Danish