This article was published in 2018, in Newsletter 136.

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Join Camcycle on 9 February as we celebrate the `Switch On’ of the e-Luminate festival with our `En-lightened’ cycle parade. Decorate your bike with lights as creatively as you can and meet us in front of the Guildhall by 7.15pm. As soon as the festival lights are switched on (around 7.30) we will commence our ride, taking in two circuits of the city centre, and passing a number of the e-Luminate installations. We will then return to the Guildhall where participants can explore the night market or revisit the various installations for a better look. Last year our bright lights and ringing bells captured the attention of passers-by and we received many waves and featured in many photos too. It was a great way to promote Camcycle, the joy of cycling and the e-Luminate festival and, of course, to remind people to use lights on their cycles.

To find out how others are planning to decorate their bikes you can join the discussion on Cyclescape 2992 or on our Facebook event page.

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All are welcome to this free event, all you need to do is meet us at the Guildhall. Of course, if you can send a quick email to let us know you are coming then we can look out for you and it will help us to know how many people to expect.

If there are any organisations that would like to help out with decorative lights for participants’ bikes then we would be glad to work together. Please get in touch.

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Matthew Danish