Mill Road Winter Fair

This article was published in 2018, in Newsletter 136.

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We had a very successful stall bike event on 2 December when we attended the annual Mill Road Winter Fair. This is always the biggest fair we take part in: thanks are due to all the volunteers who took their turn on the stall and kept it going all day, and also to those friendly faces who dropped in to say hello.

People were in the festive spirit and we were lucky to have an excellent pitch on Petersfield at the junction of two paths, so we were very visible with our orange branding. We had a great time chatting and getting our message across. Almost everyone was receptive and wanted to listen and contribute their ideas and concerns.

The weather had not been good during the week leading up to the event and I had borrowed a gazebo from a friend in preparation for rain or snow, but on the day there was less than a 10% chance of rain so we didn’t use it. It was however very cold, but there were plenty of stalls selling hot chocolate to keep us warm.

The topics of conversation were varied but the Chisholm Trail is always top of the agenda and something everyone has heard of, with people asking when it will be open. We were able to give out lots of the newly updated cycling maps of the city centre and the popular ‘freshers’ leaflets as well as selling greetings cards and badges.

The best part of the day for me was walking right down the middle of Mill Road from Romsey to Petersfield just as the road was shutting at about 9.30am, with the few remaining motor vehicles having to drive around me because I had priority!

Next year we hope we will have a branded gazebo and a new stall bike to add to the attractions, so we hope to see you there!

Willa McDonald