Sue Hiby

This article was published in 2017, in Newsletter 134.

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We are very sad to announce that Sue Hiby, a stalwart of the newsletter delivery team, has recently died from ancer. Jim Chisholm and Lisa Woodburn have some words to commemorate her help to Camcycle.

Lisa: ‘As organiser of the envelope stuffing and delivery of the Campaign newsletter, I met Sue almost every other month for many years. She very, very rarely missed a delivery despite her busy life, both at work and at home. It always made the task of stuffing envelopes more pleasurable when Sue was there to help – she was always so cheerful and interesting. We will miss her very much. She was a lovely person.’

Jim: ‘As long as I can remember it has been Sue who has delivered our paper copy of the newsletter. We often had a chat and she has also been an enthusiastic supporter of village events.’

Our condolences go to Lex, her husband, their two children Ellie and Katherine and the grandchildren. Camcycle will miss Sue and the support she gave us.

The picture shows Sue, on the left in the pale blue top, making people welcome as always, at Camcycle’s Bike Try Out Show on Parker’s Piece, for National Bike Week 2002.