Reach Ride receives funding for another year

This article was published in 2017, in Newsletter 133.

After a successful 2017 Reach Ride we wasted no time in starting plans for 2018.

After a review session of what went well and what needed to be improved, it was determined that some extra mechanical help on the day would make a big difference. With the increasing number of participants has come an increasing number of interesting bike fails (six punctures in one tyre, snapped chains and broken pedals were standouts this year). We managed to overcome them all, but we thought it was time to ease the pressure on our volunteers and get some professional help.

This extra help comes at a cost, so with a new budget in hand we decided to seek grant funding early to ensure we would have everything we needed in time. In June we were successful in our application to the City Council Cycling and Walking Promotion fund for £1,500 for the Reach Ride.

The extra funds and the extra time to plan the Reach Ride will help us to make the ride even better in 2018. Thank you to the City Council Members Cycling and Walking Steering Group for their ongoing encouragement of cycling through the Reach Ride.

Willa McDonald