Illegal parking at the Co-op on Perne Road

This article was published in 2017, in Newsletter 131.

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Camcycle was contacted by a concerned resident over illegal parking outside the new Co-op on Perne Road. There is very limited designated parking and when this is full, which is very often the case, people are mounting the kerb and parking their cars fully on it despite the fact that the kerb is a shared-use cycle/footway.

Noel Kavanagh, councillor for Coleridge ward and the cycling champion at Cambridgeshire county council, is equally concerned that the irresponsible parking of vehicles on the footway and cycleway is making the space on this side of the roundabout dangerous for the many pedestrians and cyclists in the area. His application to the Local Highways Improvement (LHI) to install bollards to prevent vehicles parking on the cycleway and the footway received sufficient scoring at the recent LHI panel meeting to be allocated funds and to be included on the priority list of projects.

This list was then presented to the Highways and Communities Committee which approved his proposed bollard scheme. The schedule of works is yet to be confirmed and in the interim Camcycle is keen to advise on bollard placement and design.

Sarah Rodger