From the Chair

This article was published in 2017, in Newsletter 131.

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We have another bumper issue this month – literally. We are doing a comprehensive survey of things you may bump into. Some people call them bollards, or barriers, or possibly gates. However, they are rather annoying, and sometimes unnecessary. We need your help to identify all the different types and places where they hinder everyone’s trips.

The City Deal is still crawling along. However, discussion on the Milton Road and Histon Road schemes has been put back until at least June. We understand that this is to allow time for the consultants to consider the alternative, and I think better, designs that we, along with various residents associations, have proposed. The Chisholm Trail is also getting closer to being fully approved.

We have heard reports of people using vehicles on the pavement. However, these are of the motorised type. How widespread is this antisocial behaviour?

With the Greenways proposals having been approved, we report on how the Netherlands builds rural cycle infrastructure, and therefore what we should expect the Greenways to look like.

With the ofo bikes coming to Cambridge sometime, we also report on how they work in Shenzhen.

And talking about bumps, Franny should be very proud of showing that #thisgirlcan.

Robin Heydon