Cycling Campaign Subgroups

This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 13.

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Arbury Camp — Studying Sainsbury’s plans for development. Contact Clare phone 336024 e-mail

Bridge Street — Responding to the experimental road closure scheme. Contact Dave phone 690718 e-mail

Cycle Enumeration — Analysing cycle journeys in Cambridge. Contact Jim Chisholm work phone 334438 or home phone 841954 e-mail

Cycle Parking — Working to improve cycle parking provision throughout Cambridge. Contact Clare phone 336024 e-mail

Newsletter — Co-ordinating this, the Campaign’s newsletter. Contact the Editor, Mark Irving phone 882378 e-mail Mark<>

Road Danger Reduction Charter — Working to get the RoadPeace charter adopted locally. Contact Slim phone 363434

Shared Use Paths — drafting our policy. Contact Dave Earl phone 690718 e-mail

West Cambridge — Studying the University’s plans for development. Contact Dave Earl phone 690718 e-mail