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This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 129.


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Queen Edith’s Way

Camcycle supported a Dutch-style roundabout on Queen Edith’s Way, which was subsequently unanimously agreed on. This represents a step-change in the standard of cycling infrastructure in Cambridge and the UK. We rejected the design for the proposed cycleway as it involved too little segregation and are pleased that the design is to be taken back for further work, hopefully re-engaging with members of the public.
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Phase 2 of the Huntingdon Road scheme

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We urged that the proposed cycle lane in the door-zone of parked cars be rejected and the protected cycle lanes brought back into consideration. We are very disappointed that instead the scheme was approved, particularly when other schemes approved at the very same meeting are removing such lanes owing to the danger they present.
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A10 Harston

Camcycle supported this cycle route which was subsequently approved – another positive link for the A10 cycling route.
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Trumpington Road

We recognised that this scheme represents a significant improvement to the current cycling conditions; however, we had concerns that the junction with Brooklands Avenue, the most difficult part of this route, is not being tackled. Keeping the car parking means that there isn’t enough room for a properly separated cycle track. We will continue to exert pressure for improvements to this junction.
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Mitcham’s Corner Development Framework
Supplementary Planning Document

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Camcycle supported the removal of the gyratory system; however, it strongly objected to the introduction of a double roundabout: a design similar to the double roundabout at Lensfield Road and Trumpington Road which is currently the most dangerous junction in the city for cyclists. We also objected to the proposed shared space because of the high level of through traffic.

City Deal

Tackling Cambridge Congestion

Camcycle responded to this package of proposed measures as the increasing problem of congestion directly affects people who cycle.

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It increases both real and perceived danger when riding amongst traffic, causes delays due to longer traffic-light cycles and adds to air pollution and noise. We responded in detail to the On-street Parking Control, Workplace Parking Levy and Peak-time Congestion Control Points proposals and supported the proposed use of trial options before proceeding to major infrastructure projects.
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Milton Road local liaison Forum

Camcycle continues to attend and significantly contribute to these meetings. Matthew Danish has developed a new approach to Milton Road including a bi-directional cycle lane on the north for access to school and a uni-directional cycleway on the south with trees to separate the carriageway from the cycleway. Re-design of junctions is key and we have proposals for the Elizabeth Way roundabout, the Union Lane-Arbury Road crossing and the junction at the Golden Hind. We’re working with other local groups to ensure a shared vision and strong voice in campaigning for a better Milton Road for all.
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Planning Applications

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(C/5007/16/CC) Chisholm Trail Phase 1 planning application

A Joint Development Control Forum was held in response to a petition against the planning application for the Chisholm Trail. We therefore launched a petition which also gave us speaking rights in the subsequent debate. We spoke in favour of the planning application. A report from the debate will be used to inform the Chisholm planning application decision, which will now be made in January 2017.
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S/0133/16/CC 1595m 2.5m shared path Stow Cum Quy & Lode

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Camcycle rejected approval of this scheme on the basis that is vital to continually campaign for high quality infrastructure.

We believe that the proposed shared path is too narrow to properly accommodate the expected numbers of people walking, cycling and riding horses. Of even greater concern is the fact that both ends of the path have poor connections, leaving people at uncontrolled informal crossings of the B1102 at the edge of the villages Lode and Quy. The plans for approval are substantially worse than the option recommended by a Sustrans feasibility study and fail to address the issues which this raised. However with support from the parish councils and the district council the path has been approved.
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15/1759/FUL The demolition of Murdoch House and the remains of the former silo and the construction of two new mixed-use buildings comprising residential and office accommodation

Camcycle spoke at the City Council Planning Committee to reiterate our previous objection to the proposed cycling parking. We objected to a number of aspects including poor access which discriminated against cycle users with mobility issues, and double-decker racks which prevented the secure parking of tandems, cargo bikes, cycle trailers and all types of trike. Thanks to our intervention, councillors voted unanimously to reject the application, against the recommendations of the officers, on the grounds of Design, Community Facilities and Cycling.
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We’ve since met with the CB1 developers and are pleased that the subsequently revised plans show improved access for cycles and a minimum of 5% provision for ‘non-standard’ cycles. Recent applications such as this have highlighted the need for us to update our Cycle Parking Guide to reflect the growing and changing needs for cycle parking in Cambridge.
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County council Greenways report

Camcycle welcomes the publication of this report. We are very pleased to see recognition of the value of a network of high-quality radial cycling routes from surrounding towns and villages to the future of transport in and around Cambridge. Camcycle looks forward to working with the City Deal on the detail for these routes to ensure they achieve their full potential.
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Level Crossing closure proposal for C06 Barrington Road

Camcycle objected to the proposed closure and diversion of C06 Barrington Road on the grounds that the replacement route is more dangerous than the existing, already difficult, conditions. The proposal for C06 replaces one type of at-grade crossing of the railway with two at-grade crossings of the A10 highway and another at-grade crossing of the railway in a different location. We urged that new plans be developed which improve safety and access, particularly for people using mobility aids or less typical cycles.
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The vans on the left are parked in the mandatory cycle lane
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Illegal parking and persistent blocking of Downing Street Cycle Lane

Camcycle has serious safety concerns arising from the chaos caused by parked vehicles, belonging to contractors working for the Revolution pub, which have blocked the contraflow cycle lane.
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