Camcycle support for new students

This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 129.

Camcycle’s efforts in supporting safe student cycling in Cambridge have had a huge boost with funding both from the City Council Members’ Cycling and Walking Steering Group and from the Co-op’s Local Community Fund.

The Freshers Project has continued to evolve amid strong feedback of how valuable our material is as a key student welfare tool. Since 2007 Camcycle has provided students with a map of the city centre to help them navigate the various one-way streets. In 2015 we developed a ‘Welcome to Cycling’ leaflet to distribute to new students, which was so successful that we had to do a second print run within weeks of the first.

Helping new students (many of whom are new to the UK) understand the road rules and signage that they will encounter makes them feel safer and more confident and makes them more likely to cycle. It also helps make them safer, more predictable and law-abiding cyclists which benefits all Cambridge residents.

Thanks to funding from the City Council Members’ Cycling and Walking Steering Group we are printing an initial run of 10,000 of our updated city centre one-way streets map. The map has been altered to reflect recent changes on the streets and we have also improved the text on the back of the map following consultation with a range of stakeholders. The Members Steering Group is also funding design for design and distribution of an updated version of our ‘Welcome to Cycling Leaflet’. The updates are again in response to feedback from students and local colleges, with special thanks to Lucy Cavendish College.

Extract from Camcycle’s advice to Freshers.

When cycling in the city centre, please:

  • do not ride on pavements or cycle aggressively
  • always cycle at a careful speed
  • do not cycle the wrong direction down one-way streets unless there is an exemption for cycling
  • be prepared to dismount and wheel your cycle if the streets are crowded
  • respect the needs of pedestrians and give extra room and time to parents with children, people with disabilities and frail and elderly people
  • remember that pedestrians walking in the road may not be aware of approaching cyclists: they may not hear you or your bike bell.

More information on cycling responsibly and legally can be found in the Highway Code

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Shop and support Camcycle

We are really excited that Camcycle’s resources will continue to develop next year thanks to funding from the Co-op’s Local Community Fund (LCF).

Camcycle has been chosen as one of the Co-op LCF charities for the Histon Road, Milton Road, Chesterton Road and Green End Road Co-operative supermarkets and James Street Funeral Care. Co-op shoppers who live in the area can now donate funds to Camcycle simply by becoming Co-op members and choosing Camcycle as the beneficiary for their LCF contribution. Every time they choose Co-op branded products and services and use their Coop membership card, 1% of what they spend will go to Camcycle.

At the moment, members must live in the CB4 postcode area; however, the Co-op is considering allowing members to select any charity, regardless of location.

More than £2,000 has already been allocated to Camcycle and we are hoping to raise at least £4,000 by the end of the fundraising period. The funds will be used for our new students activities in 2017 including production of new leaflets and merchandise, attendance at events and creation of online resources to encourage and educate students on safe and enjoyable cycling in Cambridge.

Terry, the manager of the Histon Road store, said ‘it’s great that Camcycle were successful in their application for our local community cause because, as a local retailer, the vast majority of our colleagues live close to our stores, and therefore cycle to and from work. Like the Co-op they also have great links with the many students who live and study in our city. The work Camcycle does helps to keep both these sets of people safe and secure on our roads!’

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We are working with Co-op store managers to have stall-bike events at their stores throughout the LCF fundraising period. If you would like to join us please get in touch. We will make sure you have support and it is a great way to meet like-minded people in the community.

If you would like your local Co-op to support us in future Local Community Fund rounds, then please let your store manager (and us) know. You can find out more and register for the fund at

Roxanne de Beaux