Histon & Impington Feast Market

This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 128.

9 July 2016

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I took the stall bike to the Histon & Impington Feast Market. It was a smaller event than last year, and without the road closure – which only happens on alternate years – it was confined to the village green. The market was entirely during the morning. Fortunately Histon is my home patch so I had collected the stall bike the previous evening and stored it in my own garage overnight.

The event started quietly – not too great a surprise for 9am on a Saturday. However, the crowds soon braved the scattered showers to come and enjoy the Feast Market. It was not long before I had had a number of positive conversations with people keen to see improvements for cycling – especially with respect to the City Deal changes on Histon Road, the villages’ most direct, yet largely unpleasant, cycle route into central Cambridge. I’d soon signed up a number of new members, with others preferring to take details away to sign up online.

The stalls are a great opportunity to volunteer for the Campaign. They are a positive and enjoyable experience, sharing what the Campaign has achieved and is currently working toward. For example, it was wonderful to see the reaction of a commuter, struggling with his ride to Addenbrooke’s, on hearing for the first time about the Chisholm Trail and the opportunity for a stress free route it will create. Please get in touch if you’d be interested in helping out with our stall, or if there in an event in your local patch that we could be attending.

Tom McKeown