Cycling Embassy of Great Britain’s AGM

This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 128.

16 and 17 July 2016

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The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain is a national umbrella organisation with which we are affiliated. In their own words: ‘We at the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain want to see an end to cycling being pushed to the margins; we want to see a network of direct, well-designed, separated cycle routes that are safe even for young children to use.’

Camcycle hosted the AGM which is held at a different location each year. A key part of these weekends is always an infrastructure tour, so that cycle campaigners from around the country can see at first hand what works, what doesn’t, and how different cities have solved common problems. In Cambridge tour attractions included the Guided Busway, Hills Road, West Cambridge, Riverside, contraflow cycling and filtered permeability, as well as cycle parking at the station, at the Grand Arcade and at the pub as we discussed what we had seen long into the evening. Our fixed location for the weekend was Ross Street Community Centre where the weekend opened with an introduction by Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner in his capacity as Shadow Transport Minister. Later in the day Aidan van de Weyer talked about the history, successes and aims of the A10 Cycling Campaign.

The rest of the weekend was taken up with discussions between campaigners about how the Embassy can help local campaigns with resources, and how the Embassy can work with other national organisations.