Greater Cambridge City Deal

This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 128.

5 July 2016

At our July monthly meeting Councillor Noel Kavanagh, who is on the City Deal Assembly, and Bob Menzies, Service Director of Strategy and Development at Cambridgeshire County Council, explained the City Deal vision and objectives.

Councillor Kavanagh began by saying that councillors are in favour of cycling provision and have approved a lot of funding for cycling projects, including £550,000 on the A10 cycleway.

Bob Menzies then provided more detail about the City Deal, which includes more than just transport policy and infrastructure delivery. Its primary role is to help secure future economic growth and quality of life in the Greater Cambridge city region. He explained that this includes significant yet sustainable, well-managed growth, with plans for 33,500 new homes and 44,000 new jobs by 2031. The population of Cambridge is expected to grow from 296,000 to 350,000 between 2016 and 2031. This level of growth means 30% more journeys into Cambridge, hence the need for significant new infrastructure.

He explained that the vision was for more cycling, walking and travel planning and that there are a number of transport schemes in tranche 1, including the Chisholm Trail. He outlined the eight-point plan to reduce congestion, which includes peak-time congestion control points, with bus gates and number plate recognition. They are doing lots of modelling to see the effects of different options for control points. These will be trialled. Plans also include a workplace parking levy.

Following the presentations, questions covered various aspects including on-street parking, residents’ parking, cycle parking and the need for joined-up thinking.

Monica Frisch

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