A10 Corridor Awareness Ride

This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 127.

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15 May 2016

This was the fourth annual Awareness Ride but for the first time we omitted one of our two key routes. The overarching goal of a safe cycle link connecting Cambridge and Royston has always meant two threads on the annual ride – one starting from Royston and one from Trumpington Park & Ride – converging at Phillimore Garden Centre in Melbourn.

But the Royston ride, along a narrow and broken strip of ancient tarmac alongside the fast-moving A10, has become too dangerous, and we could not in good faith encourage people to use it.

Instead the good riders of Royston – including a gentleman in his 80s – got themselves to Cambridge (bikes on trains were suggested) and we all started together from there. Said gentleman quietly explained that it’s a bike he uses to access his Addenbrooke’s appointments and that the distance from Royston is something he has been used to all his life. That’s about 14 miles each way.

A great many young children joined this year’s ride. A twelve-year old girl spoke passionately to the Anglia TV cameras about the joy of self-propelling on two wheels in fresh air, rain or shine, from A to B. Why not go by bike? Our thanks to all for their support and enthusiasm.

Susan van de Ven