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This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 127.

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Huntingdon Road consultation

Camcycle responded with concerns about all of the proposed changes, but felt overall that Option 2 was the preferred alternative, given the necessary modifications that we outlined. We believe it is important for this consultation to be coordinated with the City Deal Histon Road consultation as they touch the same junction.
Cyclescape thread 808

Walking and cycling improvements on Queen Edith’s Way

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Camcycle suggested improvements to significantly increase this scheme’s utility. A high proportion of school-age children and hospital employees will use this cycle path and so it should ideally be 2.5m wide, to allow two people to cycle side by side safely. The minimum it should be is 2.1m, which allows two people to cycle at different speeds and overtake each other.
Cyclescape threads 1361 and 1556

Trumpington Road cycleway

Camcycle broadly supported this development, which includes segregated foot- and cycleways alongside New Bit Common, an improved on-road cycle lane north of New Bit Common and a new bus stop layout.

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Suggestions for future consultation on the double roundabouts at the Royal Cambridge Hotel are warmly welcomed.
Cyclescape thread 1067

Planning objections

Biomedical Campus. Phase 2. south of Dame Mary Archer Way

16/0176/OUT – Development of up to 75,000 sqm floorspace.

There have been new documents released on this application that have implications for cycling.

Cyclescape thread 2413

Hayling House, Fen Road, Cambridge CB4 1UN

16/0617/FUL – Erection of 14 flats and associated bin and cycle stores following demolition of existing dwelling.

Objection on the grounds of quantity and design ofcycle parking provision. Provision should be higher as the development is within easy cycling distance of many employment and leisure sites, and is well connected to them by a variety of good routes, so cycle ownership amongst the occupants is likely to be extremely high. The design of the cycle parking is fundamentally flawed and insufficient space between the proposed Sheffield stands effectively halves the number of cycles able to be parked.

Cyclescape thread 2551

Romsey labour Club, Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3Nl

16/0821/FUL – 40 student apartments and a day nursery.

Objection to the design of the cycle parking, in particular the stepped access to the parking in the basement. We feel the staff at the proposed nursery should have separate, secure, parking. We would like there to be suitable parking for parents dropping off and picking up kids at the nursery using cargo bikes and trikes or trailers.

Cyclescape thread 2580

Christ’s College, st Andrews street, Cambridge CB2 3BU

16/0904/FUL – Erection of 68 student rooms, 8 student kitchens, 4 college flats, 3 college offices, music practice room and seminar rooms and commercial unit (420 sqm).

Objection that this development may place increased pressure on already limited on-street cycle parking in the area and there are no plans in this application to increase the provision.

Cyclescape thread 2603

Wests Garage ltd, 217 Newmarket Road, Cambridge CB5 8HD

16/1030/FUL – Erection of new student housing (257 study-bedrooms) and associated communal facilities, cycle parking, and external landscaping following demolition of the existing buildings.

We had some concerns about cycle parking design and the poor cycling conditions on Newmarket Road but lacked volunteer resources to complete a response.

Cyclescape thread 2656

City Deal

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Urban and Environmental Design Guidance

The City Deal Board formally amended and then approved the recommendations regarding this guide. Instead of ‘endorsing’ they formally requested the improvement of this document. Camcycle believe that the guidance is of poor quality and should have been withdrawn completely from consideration (see pages 6 & 7). The strongest opponent of the document on the Board was Councillor Bridget Smith who pointed out many inaccuracies. Councillor Tim Bick said it was ‘a start’ but only showed the minimum rather than ambition. The officers did not accept our criticism and said we had our cycle lanes ‘mixed up’. We submitted a Freedom of Information request to try to understand where the consultative process had gone wrong in its production. We have received a response and are currently reviewing all of the documents.

Cyclescape thread 2583

City Centre Access and Capacity

This congestion-reduction package has been recommended. It does not include a congestion charge.

Histon Road

Further development of the ‘Do Maximum’ option has been agreed, excluding the right turn into Warwick Road and, much to our disappointment, the idea of ‘floating’ bus stops.

Milton Road

It has been agreed to take forward the initial ideas in the ‘Do Something’ option including the Union Lane closure and Elizabeth Way roundabout ideas and ‘floating bus stops’ but excluding banned turns.

Milton Road and Histon Road local liaison Forums (llF)

There are to be design workshop events to feed into the LLFs, to which events City Deal officers had recommended that Camcycle be given allocated spaces. The local councillors, however, decided to remove that allocation for Histon Road LLF. Owing to Camcycle and local pressure, it appears that this decision is now under review. In the interim Camcycle urges local members to join the Histon Road Residents Association to ensure that there is a voice speaking for high-quality cycle provision. Councillors for the Milton Road LLF decided it would be ‘open’ so that anyone wishing to attend could do so. The Milton Road design events have also been postponed.

Cyclescape threads 2662 and 1810

Cross-city cycling routes

The City Deal Board approved the implementation of all five schemes, subject to a few minor changes. It was agreed to continue localised discussions over trees, hedges and boundaries. The funding allocated to the schemes will be increased owing to the expansion of scope.

King’s Hedges Road junctions

The Board has agreed to consider major changes to the highway layout at the Mitcham’s Corner junction for implementation as part of the ongoing Tranche 2 prioritisation work.

A10 cycleway from Cambridge to Royston

The use of £550,000 of City Deal funding to complete the link has been agreed.


The City Deal Board has pledged to improve transport links on the A1307 between Cambridge and Haverhill, providing better travel options for commuters to Granta Park, Babraham Research Campus and Cambridge Biomedical Campus.


Council action taken on Water street. Map courtesy of Cyclescape
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Romsey cycling contraflow extended

Proposals have been made to allow cyclists to travel both ways on most of the remaining one-way streets in Romsey and Petersfield. Residents are being consulted on these changes, which would be introduced simply by changes in road markings and installation of ‘except cycles’ signage below ‘no entry’ signs.

Barton Road Cycleway Improvements

The county council is planning to make some improvements to Barton Road. We are discussing what upgrades we would like to see in this location.

Cyclescape thread 2559

Council action taken on Water street

New bollards on Carter Bridge. Map courtesy of Cyclescape
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Cars have consistently been parking on Water Street in front of the dropped kerb entrance to the Cam towpath. The Council has sent the street works inspector to the site.

Cyclescape thread 2509

New bollards on Carter Bridge

There are serious safety concerns over two large concrete bollards recently installed on the Devonshire Road side of Carter Bridge.

Cyclescape thread 917