Chair’s comment

This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 127.

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CyclePoint is now officially open. We attended along with the great and good from the cycling world and the political world. Except that the square outside is not open yet, so to get to it we have still to cycle the long way around. This should all change in autumn, so we will wait and see if the top floor starts filling up a bit more then.

The City Deal is still going very quickly with many consultations underway. It is looking to fund the last bits of the A10 cycleway to the south and has started looking at ‘greenways’ in other directions. Possibly the biggest deal will be the point road closures being proposed. These essentially extend the core traffic scheme to the inner ring road and have the potential to reduce through traffic dramatically in Cambridge, providing more space for people walking, cycling and those on buses. Many will call these anti-motorist, but cars will still be able to access everywhere. They will just not be able to make trivial, but destructive, journeys through the middle of our lovely city.

However, all this comes with questions about how good the cycle infrastructure should be. We are arguing for standards based on international precedents, but we still have a lot of work to do. And we must consider trees. I love trees. Many people love trees. But we can have safe cycleways and trees.

There is much more inside, CycleHack and Barcelona being just two.