Cyclenation AGM

This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 126.

The 2016 Cyclenation AGM was held on 12 March in Birmingham.

Over 14 campaign groups were represented from more than 20 attendees, including Robin Heydon and Roxanne De Beaux of Camcycle.

The day started with an introduction to the Cycling Environment Assessment Tool (CEAT) developed by board members Jonathan Fingland from Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign (GMCC) and Robin Heydon.

The tool was well received by attendees who then divided into smaller groups to test the tool further and prepare feedback.

The tool was announced at the same time on Twitter and news spread fast throughout the cycle campaigning community who were quick to put it through its paces. Feedback online was also positive with some constructive ideas for improvement.

The tool is currently built for measuring routes, and not junctions. Junctions are planned to be introduced as part of phase 2. You can test the tool at

Lunch was followed by the official AGM. The Chair’s report was delivered by Camcycle chair Robin Heydon who proposed changes to Cyclenation’s leadership structure. Robin’s proposal was for a smaller board with a focused, fiduciary role supported by more flexible working committees.

The restructuring was supported by Roxanne De Beaux in the Secretary’s report as it will encourage greater participation from members in delivering valuable national projects. Roxanne indicated that she would not be standing for the board again, but would, with the new board’s approval, be willing to continue with her liaison work with the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) and Active Travel Alliance (ATA) as it is important to keep up momentum with these groups.

The Treasurer’s report provided by John Mallows (Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Cycling Campaign) revealed that Cyclenation currently has too much in reserves. This was supported by the Chair’s proposal to ensure that these reserves are spent in the next year to support projects proposed by working committees.

The motion that Cyclenation adopt the CEAT tool was received with unanimous applause and calls to ensure that it was attributed to Cyclenation as something valuable to offer members.

Robin Heydon was renominated for the Board, alongside Jonathan Fingland (GMCC), John Mallows (Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Cycling Campaign) and Ashok Sinha (London Cycling Campaign).

Following the official AGM there was a series of presentations from member groups. Camcycle and Bristol Cycling Campaign shared their approaches for campaigning around elections. Cycle Sheffield presented their Tramcrash Campaign which is collecting information about cycle accidents on the tramlines in Sheffield, CycleBath presented their interesting project using analysis of Strava data and finally Roger Geffen from Cycling UK (formerly Cyclists Touring Club) presented their plans for a Space for Cycling campaign.

Roxanne De Beaux