Chair’s comment

This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 126.

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I’m sure you’ve noticed by now. But everything is orange. And the front cover is resplendent with our new logo. Even the photo of me to the top right is now sporting a bright orange jumper. Will this ever end? Well, yes, once we have Dutch-style cycleways all over the city, and all the way into the countryside. But I fear that we are a long, a very long, way away from that. We unfortunately have politicians who don’t see the benefits of people cycling.

This issue however should really open up some of these debates. Whether it is the issues around parking vehicles, cars or bicycles, at the University sites, or the new ‘parallel crossing’ on Huntingdon Road, or the two-for-one swap of bollards on the Busway. And of course, we have been monitoring the progress of the Cycle Superhighways in London.

Did you go on the Reach Ride? If not, then you missed lots of fun, ice cream, and lots of campaigners sporting the new campaign T-shirts. Yes, the T-shirts are bright orange.

But we are still a campaign group, and that means we highlight the big issues that will affect us; such as hugely longer lorries being trialled in the UK, including in this area (these lorries are only allowed on motorways in Europe, yet the Department for Transport sees fit to allow them to devastate city centres in the UK); or what should be done for the A1307 from Cambridge to Four Wentways.

Of course, we also have views on moving around the city with young children with a review of the FollowMe Tandem. Or perhaps we need to ‘Bike the Nobel’.

I believe we are at a metaphorical crossroads. We could accept what we have now, or we could demand for something significantly better. With your support, we can make Cambridge the best city on the planet for cycling. Please spread what we do, and get everybody you know to sign up.

Robin Heydon