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This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 125.

Rose and her daughter on the family tandem.
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Hi, I am Rose Eichenberger and I recently took on the role of Social Media officer.

I moved to Cambridge from Amsterdam in 2006, to live with my now husband. I love cycling, I always cycle everywhere. My husband and I even met through cycling, during beginners’ training in the velodrome.

Before moving to Cambridge, I researched whether we would be able to cycle here and I was glad to find out we could. Initially I was taken aback by the state of the cycling infrastructure and the behaviour of many drivers. Over the last ten years, a lot has changed for the better, most of this thanks to action by the Cycling Campaign. Motorist behaviour has also massively improved, with many drivers being very courteous and careful around people on bikes.

I work on the Biomedical Campus, as a research project manager. The campus encourages cycling to work, and I often see colleagues and friends in the bike park. Thankfully I have always been able to cycle at least part of the journey to work and we regularly cycle as a family too. We were one of the first families with a cargobike (Bakfiets) in Cambridge. We then moved on to the family tandem, which we now sometimes loan to other families. Our daughter rides her own bike now, mainly for short trips and for riding to school.

We have got a long way to go before I would let her ride anywhere unaccompanied though, a freedom I had as a child growing up in the Netherlands, but I am confident that Cambridge will get there eventually.

Happy cycling!
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Hello, I’m Sarah Rodger and at the AGM last December I joined the committee as Newsletter Editor. I absolutely love the freedom that cycling gives me and very much enjoy being part of the Campaign, one of the 1,200 odd members who all share a love of two wheels.

Growing up there were potholes and blind corners on country lanes, which meant that when I arrived in Cambridge I was a bit of a liability on the road – wobbly, not that great at taking my hand off the handle bars to signal and definitely not good at holding my space on the road. I did however always remember my lights for the journey home from the pub!

It’s really interesting pulling together as many aspects of the Campaign’s work as possible. The Campaign is incredibly active in protecting and helping develop Cambridge as one of the UK’s key cycling cities whilst making sure the main message, that cycling is fun and is for everyone, isn’t lost along the way. The newsletter is entirely dependant on members to contribute articles and photos, and on a great team including proof readers, envelope stuffers and newsletter deliverers (who cycle around Cambridge posting newsletters through members’ letterboxes).

There are massive changes afoot for Cambridge as a city and so it’s vital that the Campaign’s huge wealth of experience and expertise is recognised and allowed to feed into the big programme of decision-making planned for the next 20 years. Sarah and friends on a country ride.