All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group

This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 124.

In October last year committee member Richard Burgess and I attended the first round table policy meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) since the general election. The meeting provided the opportunity for cycling organisations from around the country to share their views with the members of the group.

MPs in attendance included Co-chairs Ruth Cadbury and Alex Chalk, Daniel Zeichner, Sarah Wollaston and Ben Bradshaw, as well as Lord Berkeley. Non-parliamentary members included representatives from CTC, LCC, Sustrans, Wheels for Wellbeing, Halfords and many more.

The session was very interactive and following the discussion the following plans were made for the next year:

  1. The Get Britain Cycling report of April 2013 should be the bedrock of the APPCG’s future programme. Its 18 recommendations have not been implemented, and it remains relevant.
  2. The APPCG should consider holding mini-inquiries into:
    a) how enforcement could improve road safety for cyclists
    b) promoting women in cycling.
  3. The APPCG should promote the health and economic benefits of cycling – either through producing its own report or lending its support to existing studies.
  4. The APPCG will push for adoption of uniform national design standards in respect of cycling infrastructure.
  5. Monitoring Parliament and Government activity to support appropriate interventions that promote cycling. There will be another 4 to 6 APPCG meetings throughout the year as well as regular updates on activities. Hopefully they can continue to build on the work of the previous group and hold the government to its commitment to fund the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy.

You can learn more about the APPCG at and keep up with activities on Twitter @allpartycycling

Roxanne De Beaux