City Deal consultations

This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 124.

There are currently seven ongoing Greater Cambridge City Deal consultations which have a deadline of 15 February for responses. These are for the Histon Road corridor, the Milton Road corridor and five Cross City Cycling routes. All will significantly influence the safety and ease of cycling in Cambridge.

Maps and summaries of each of these consultations can be found later in this newsletter.

We are formulating Campaign responses to these proposals and welcome your input in the appropriate Cyclescape threads. We also welcome volunteers to join our subgroups. Please email if you would like to help.

We would strongly encourage all members to submit individual responses to the consultations and to use any comments boxes to detail concerns or suggest alternative ideas for the schemes.

Links to the official survey in addition to detailed drawings, tree survey, modelling summary note and parking survey reports can be found here:

Cross City Cycling

Milton Road

Histon Road

We recommend reviewing the detailed drawings provided online, attending the public exhibitions and participating in our Cyclescape forum discussions to ensure a good understanding of these proposals.

Roxanne De Beaux