The Tins bridge danger in winter

This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 124.

Slippery leaves on The Tins path this January.
Image as described adjacent

Please note that The Tins path bridge (over the railway line) is very dangerous when icy, particularly the steep section on the town side of the bridge. There is also a problem with accumulated leaves along the path which makes it very slippery when wet. Cyclists who use the route regularly recognise the danger from the leaves and will often limit themselves to the other side of the path. This means that cyclists passing in the opposite direction are forced onto the leaves and often skid as they attempt to pass. Regular maintenance would significantly reduce these hazards to cyclists.

We have raised this with both the city and county councils and await their response. The city council is responsible for the removal of leaves and the county council is responsible for salting/gritting. At the very least we would like to see the installation of a grit bucket and spade to allow those who use the path to ensure it is kept safe.

Roxanne De Beaux