Chair’s comment

This article was published in 2016, in Newsletter 124.

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This issue has been super-sized so that we could show you as many of the City Deal proposals as possible. These consultations, most of which will conclude in mid-February, could transform Cambridge. The style of that transformation is however unclear.

We could have 6-lane-wide motorways thundering down Milton Road, or we could have a lovely avenue of trees with segregated cycleways and a couple of traffic lanes. The options that are chosen depend on you responding. Yes, you have to do some work. Please respond to these proposals in a way that you are happy with.

To be clear, we could have Milton Road with 6 lanes of traffic, Histon Road with 5 lanes of traffic. Arbury Road is only partly being fixed, with the bit from Milton Road to the secondary school being ignored. There are proposals for Green End Road and Nuffield Road, Ditton Lane, Hills Road from Queen Edith’s Way to Addenbrooke’s, and Fulbourn Road near ARM. If you have concerns about these proposals, please join the Cyclescape thread and throw in your thoughts so that they can be included in the consultation response from the Campaign.

Of course, just because it is winter does not mean that things stop. The Tins cycleway has recently been extended, although the winter ice is still causing problems there. Shortly we should be able to park in a new multi-storey cycle park at Cambridge’s main railway station. Personally I cannot wait for this to open, as the current cycle parking is just horrendous. Of course, over the holiday shopping period, cycle parking in the city centre was at breaking point. I even heard one person say ‘just stop here, I’ll look after the bikes whilst you go buy the present’. We need more city-centre cycle parking, and we need it now. OK, by next December at least.

This newsletter is not just full of doom and gloom about the City Deal. We have a great story about how social media can backfire; the police showed examples of inconsiderate cycle parking at which residents of Cambridge fired back with pictures of illegally parked motor vehicles -some just around the corner from the police station. More inspiring perhaps is the story of recycling bicycles to support individuals and communities, both in Africa and in Cambridgeshire.

It is cold, sometimes wet, but we all love cycling regardless of the weather. And if you, like me, got some new gloves for presents, great. If you didn’t, well, cycle into town and get some now. Warm hands are just so important for feeling good on a bicycle at this time of year.

Robin Heydon