Cyclenation-CTC campaigners conference

This article was published in 2015, in Newsletter 123.

This year’s Cyclenation-CTC campaigners conference, held on 24 October, was hosted in Liverpool by the Merseyside Cycling Campaign. There was strong Cambridge representation, with presentations by Julian Huppert, Robin Heydon and Jim Chisholm, and our Campaign Officer Roxanne De Beaux also chaired a session in her capacity as Secretary of Cyclenation.

The conference had an intense agenda and used plenary sessions and breakout workshops to give attendees the best chance to hear about a range of topics including political leadership, the role of public health, cycle-friendly planning and design, inclusive cycling and effective local campaigning. There were speakers from the political, campaigning, consultancy, infrastructure, health and advocacy domains.

A review of the conference was ‘storified’ (summarised with tweets) on Twitter by Lizzie Reather and can be read at

The presentations from the conference, including video footage, will be posted here:

Roxanne De Beaux