University Arms Hotel update

This article was published in 2015, in Newsletter 123.

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Work is now underway on the refurbishment of this central Cambridge hotel, involving the complete demolition of the 1970s extension and much reconstruction. As a result, the path that ran along the south-eastern side had to be diverted, to allow the construction of the builders’ compound. Both Cambridge Cycling Campaign and the city council’s Cycling Officers were involved in discussions to ensure that this important cycle and pedestrian route was maintained.

Consequently, we were a little concerned when it first opened in August to find the surface was small loose pebbles and very uncomfortable to cycle on. It did not feel safe and we wrote to tell the contractors that it was unsatisfactory. We also suggested other changes to improve the situation for cyclists and pedestrians.

We had a prompt reply responding to our comments and are very pleased to report that within a few weeks the surface was changed and is now quite satisfactory to cycle or walk on.

We are also receiving a Community Newsletter Update from the contractors, R G Carter, and invitations to their monthly forums. These, plus all the correspondence and discussion, are available on the Cyclescape thread at

Monica Frisch