Outspoken speaks out about Chisholm Trail

This article was published in 2015, in Newsletter 123.

The Chisholm Trail will provide long stretches of uninterrupted, dedicated cycle paths that are not compromised by motor vehicles, traffic signals and parked cars. This will directly benefit two of Outspoken’s key businesses, Outspoken Delivery and Outspoken Training.

Outspoken Delivery

Outspoken Delivery specialises in sustainable urban logistics and delivers over 10,000 items around the city each month. In 2014 this equated to removing over 120,000 van journeys from Cambridge’s roads, which saved the city from added congestion, saved businesses from the headache of driving into the centre and saved the environment an estimated 45 tonnes of carbon.

The Chisholm Trail will significantly support our business by offering a major, fast new route into Cambridge with easy access to different parts of the city.

Diagram showing how Outspoken sees hubs helping with deliveries into Cambridge city centre.
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We currently work with 200 local companies, but we also deliver for major carriers. There is a good chance that if you order something online today, the final mile of the parcel’s journey could be by electric cargo bike, and that statistic will grow if the Chisholm Trail becomes reality.

We will soon be moving to a new depot on the edge of the city close to the new station, which will mean we can also act as a consolidation centre for large logistics companies.

Improved delivery times as a result of Chisholm Trail’s cycle highway will strengthen our competitive advantage over vans/lorries.

Rob King, Managing Director of Outspoken

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