Tesco paths un-bunged

This article was published in 2015, in Newsletter 122.

(Left) The barriers, shown here in 2009, were a test of agility. (Right) The previous unofficial access towards River Lane.
Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent

For a decade the path past the Tesco supermarket between Newmarket Road and Riverside has been marred by a particularly severe set of barriers. They were placed across the full width of the path at a corner where three paths meet. The barriers have now been removed making the flow through here much smoother for all people -especially those carrying shopping. Bollards a little further towards Riverside remain and will limit any excessive speed.

Thank you

On the other side of the supermarket a fence that had been repeatedly attacked to create a route to Rowlinson Way and River Lane looks as though it has been made into an official access point.

We wrote to the council asking about these changes, but despite sending a reminder we have still not heard and so we do not know the full story here, whether or not the changes are permanent and whom we should thank. An obstructive set of barriers does remain adjacent to the main car park entrance and we should like these to be removed.

(Left) Free-flowing foot and pedal traffic. (Right) New access point from the River Lane side.
Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent

Simon Nuttall