Chair’s comment

This article was published in 2015, in Newsletter 122.

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We live in interesting times. The City Deal is starting to become a little more concrete. The main arguments from residents outside the city are that everybody drives and therefore we must accommodate those people. I live outside the city myself, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t cycle. A cycle path was recently built from my village into the city and that has made cycling so much easier.

If you look in the centre of this newsletter, there is a long list of ideas to really transform Greater Cambridge into a place that is world-leading, not just in terms of cycling but also in terms of traffic management. These ideas have been collated by a new group called Better City Deal, which is trying to move the discussion away from solely implementing bus priority lanes to, instead, smartly managing the traffic we have and allowing people to change modes quickly and easily.

In this issue we also welcome a whole lot of new people to the world of cycling. The students are back, and along with them is all the traffic chaos caused by people driving to work and via school to drop the kids off.

The nights will be getting darker soon. The autumnal weather should hopefully be fine, dry, and not very windy. But before you look forward to that refreshing cycle into work in a thick heavy coat, please check your bicycle lights are working.

We would like to announce that the AGM this year will be delayed by a month. For the last few years we’ve been struggling to get everything in order for the usual November meeting, so this year we’ve decided to give ourselves an extra 28 days, and to host the AGM on 1 December. Please come along if you are really passionate about cycling, want to benefit from volunteering for the Campaign, or have a small issue that you think would be really easy to fix and would like to help the Campaign with.

Also, do consider joining the committee to help steer our venerable institution through the next few and most likely exciting years.

Lastly, there is a new video about cycling in Cambridge. Streetfilms have made many videos about transportation in cities but had yet to visit the UK, never mind Cambridge. Well, they came over, rode around, saw, videoed, and produced a fantastic film. Unfortunately it includes a big bloke with long hair riding around and talking about a few of the things that make Cambridge special. For that I do apologise.

I think we should now make this official: Welcome to the Cycling Capital of the UK.

Robin Heydon