What difference has the Campaign made to you?

This article was published in 2015, in Newsletter 121.

Rachel Beale’s three children on the Reach Ride 2009.
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In the last newsletter we asked our members to tell us what differences the Campaign had made to their lives.

Here are the results…

‘I very much appreciate the work done in Gonville Place – I use this junction everyday. Also, I like the Grand Arcade cycle park. It’s great how you can go to the cinema on Regent Street, and then come back and find your bicycle dry and well lit in a very convenient spot. Thank you Camcycle.’
Tim Waller

‘I don’t know what I would do without the Grand Arcade cycle park. I only wish it was bigger!!’ @roxyfromoz

‘It seems so small but it makes a difference to me every day… The contraflow signs on Ross St in Romsey.’ @roxyfromoz

‘The Reach Ride: it might sound daft, but this has been a massive one for me. I’ve been taking my three kids along on it most years since they were big enough to manage it. It’s such a great thing for them to feel part of something bigger, and also to learn that they are capable of travelling really quite a long way under their own steam.’
Rachel Beale
‘#camcycle20 has improved cycling on Gilbert Road www.cycle.st/g182@iitm
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‘Reading the @camcycle newsletter & feeling all warm & fuzzy about #camcycle20. So many bike-related happy memories of this lovely city‚Ķ’ @FlossieTeacake

‘Nice ride with @camcycle tonight to celebrate 20 year anniversary. Good to catch up with @julianhuppert too ..’ @PaulNumber6

‘Riverside Bridge is a highlight for me. Good to look at, great to ride over. It really shows what can be achieved when you focus on non-motorised connections. Even my three-year-old recognises the quality: “can we go over my favourite bridge?” is a common request when riding near the river.’ Tom McKeown
‘@camcycle: Our chair and vice-chair hold up our original banner’ aha @hesterkw @robinheydon @KatsDekker
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‘@camcycle Great work over 20 years. Well done in particular to David and those involved from the start.’ @hopsncheese

‘Without a doubt: lifting the daytime cycling ban on central streets. I lived through it, and it was horrid – it actually made Cambridge feel not like Cambridge. Your speedy and co-ordinated opposition to the ban made sure that it was a thankfully short-lived madness.’
Susan Grossey